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About The Barbados IGF!

In 2023 The Internet Society Barbados Chapter is leading a multistakeholder initiative to organize Barbados’s  Internet Governance Forum (IGF). The IGF will provide Barbadians from all sectors of society with a platform to discuss how they use the internet and the most pertinent issues affecting them. One of the key outputs from the IGF will be a comprehensive report detailing the critical internet governance issues affecting business, government, civic organizations and ordinary citizens across the island. We also hope to educate citizens about the various processes they can become involved with to build their knowledge and to make valuable contributions to internet governance.

IGF Barbados is organized in accordance with five core IGF principles, which are:

  • Open and transparent
  • Inclusive
  • Bottom-up
  • Multi stakeholder
  • Non-commercial

We aim to be inclusive and consultative with our stakeholders.

The Internet is vital to our island and Our People Lets discuss it